Andy Hawk - songwriter, acoustic guitar, lead singer

Andy Hawk is a songwriter living in Hamilton, Virginia, who fronts The Train Wreck Endings. The band has released 5 albums of original material to critical acclaim, according to him, which means he might be a big, fat liar. Then again, he might just be pretty good...

He plays some solo acoustic shows, but mainly appears with the band, an Americana/Blues/Folk-Rock group that brings his songs to the stage. 

Andy was born in Pittsburgh and has lived in Boston, Baltimore, and Columbus (Ohio) before settling below the Mason-Dixon Line. He hopes one day to retire north of said line...

Chuck Bordelon - Bass & other stuff

Chuck came from Houms, La., with a bass on his knee. He's adept at several instruments, has played in bands before, and brings a great creative streak to the table.

He co-wrote "Letting Go" and "Midnight Run" off the Train Wreck Endings' 2013 release Sorta Kinda Maybe, and co-wrote "Pitchy & Time-Erratic Blues" on the band's Tin Can Town (2009).

Paul Bordelon - lead guitar, backing vocals

Another Louisiana boy, Paul brings his guitar stylings and background vocals to the mix. Plus, he's single, girls!

He co-wrote "Rum Talking" - a live staple - on the band's Sorta Kinda Maybe album, and also "Gone Hollywood" on their live album, Shhh!!! (2014).

Michael Gauvreau - drums, backing vocals

Michael has played all over the country for nearly 40 years, so he's a savvy veteran who brings a solid backbeat and terrific vocal harmony to the group. He lives in Lucketts, Va., and has an awesome barn where the band can practice... :)

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